1001 Cool Riddles and Tongue Twisters

6 - 12
ISBN 9781743638446
Product Type Paperback , 208 pages
Product Size 154 x 234mm
Publication Date 1 Apr 15

Get ready for some hilarious fun with a brand-new Cool series title: 1001 Cool Riddles & Tongue Twisters! This title is illustrated in full colour by well-loved (and hilarious!) cartoonist, Glen Singleton. There are raucous riddles and tortuous tongue twisters about crazy critters, cool characters, all things gross and gory, and strange school days. You'll split your sides over prehistoric puns, freaky food fun, animal absurdities and masses more strangely silly stuff! With 1001 Cool Riddles & Tongue Twisters, you'll discover rollicking, riotous, ridiculous, rowdy, rib-tickling riddles, along with tortuous, tricky, troublesome, tough, tremendous, terrific tongue twisters!