Anatomy of Fitness: Total Body Workout

ISBN 9781488934360
Product Type Paperback
Product Size 214 x 266 mm
Publication Date 1 Dec 17

Discover how to use your body in the way it was designed to be used, working a range of muscles concurrently to improve flexibility, balance, and your range of motion. Anatomy of Fitness: Total Body Workout shows you how to effectively train your entire body in unison, using movements that we encounter every day to reach optimal fitness. Anatomy of Fitness: Total Body Workout includes a comprehensive introduction to total-body training; step-by-step instructions for over 60 body-weight exercises, added-weight exercises, resistance exercises, and stretching-and-releasing exercises; and a range of total-body workouts, so anyone can tailor a program to suit their fitness requirements.

This user-friendly 160-page book features: detailed, comprehensively labelled anatomical illustrations of the muscles used in each exercise; clear guidance on the correct form and what to avoid to ensure you’ll be working effectively and safely; variations on many exercises to simplify or increase the challenge; a complete glossary of training terms and a bonus user-friendly poster featuring anatomical diagrams and an easy-to-follow workout sequence.

Improve your physique, feel fitter and trimmer, and build flexibility and strength with Anatomy of Fitness: Total Body Workout!