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There is nothing that kids love more than getting their hands dirty and getting creative!

At Hinkler Books we love getting in touch with our own inner kids through making these interactive books and kits that are bursting with imagination and fun! Forget rainy-day activities, craft kits and art books for children are so fun, engaging and creative that kids won’t want to put them down. We haven’t been able to help trying them out ourselves. From awesome themed and portable children’s drawing books, to pretty origami books and cute clay charms, there’s something here for all ages and interests.

Kids don’t have to be little virtuoso of art and craft to enjoy these kits. Our products are designed with accessible instructions and graduated activities to engage all skill levels. From origami and calligraphy to fashion design and rock painting, getting kids stuck in to a new craft project has never been so tempting!

The benefits to kids’ emotional and cognitive development through art and craft books for children are endless. How often has your creative self been swept to the sidelines?

That’s why at Hinkler we invest so much time into keeping our collection of art and craft books for kids varied, engaging and above all inspiring. Sculpting, drawing, designing, painting. Folding, colouring, building, braiding – this is just the start of this treasure chest of titles.

Engaging and interactive

Want to entertain your kids and teach them new skills? At Hinkler, our original and entertaining art and craft kits are full of pleasure and possibilities.

If your kid is always rushing out at the beach with bucket and spade to build their own castles or sculpt their own mermaids, then they are going to love our Magic Sand kit! Or perhaps they have been dying to create their own little Pom-Pom Pets or Neon Rock monsters?

Does your budding fashionista fancy herself the next Queen of Cool Nails? Or maybe she’s working on perfecting her side ponytail? With Hinkler, your kids can explore new looks and get their craft on to their heart’s content.

In fact, getting glam with hair braiding, hair chalk and funky nail art is just a warm-up. Why not try some awesome DIY friendship bracelets on for size? Or really impress with your own cooked clay jewellery charms?

With something for everyone, even the most initially reluctant little artist won’t be able to resist joining in the fun.