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Unleash your inner Picasso

Colour and create in style with our lush collection of arts and crafts books for adults, gifts and box sets for budding artists of all creative persuasions. You don’t have to be a born an artistic genius to enjoy them. Our art books for adults are designed with accessible instructions and graduated activities to engage all skill levels. From drawing, to calligraphy and from origami to mandala rock-painting – learning a new artistic skill or getting stuck into a new craft project or has never been so tempting!

Expressing our creativity boosts quality of life in so many ways. How often has your creative self been swept to the sidelines? You finally have some down time and you can’t even think where to start to be artistic or create something crafty, let alone have everything you need at your fingertips.

That’s why at Hinkler we invest so much time into keeping our art and craft books for adults engaging, varied and above all inspiring. With an ever-expanding range and some exciting titles on the horizon, you, your family and friends will be discovering new passions and mastering new talents in no time. Especially when you get them that perfect gift for that birthday just around the corner.

Less stress. More zen.

When was the last time you relaxed and let your mind just… wander? When it comes to waving your worries away, our colouring books – illustrated and designed for adults – have got you covered.

Intricate patterns and exotic creatures. Optimal illusions and lush, verdant flora. Chock-full of exciting and original designs, the simple act of colouring can stop yawns in their tracks for hours on end. And if you can only spare 10 minutes? It’s great for switching gears and recharging your batteries.

When it comes to relaxation and fun, the pencil really is mightier than the sword.