Art Maker Brush Marker Calligraphy

ISBN 9781488913372
Product Type Kit
Product Size 330mm x 255mm
Publication Date 1 Oct 19

Calligraphy is a classic style of writing that conjures up images of fountain pens and old block-style fonts, and days where people took the time to hand-write beautiful letters in flowing script to their loves ones.

The Brush Marker Calligraphy Kit takes everything we know and love about calligraphy into the modern day. Featuring a huge 8 brush markers in the kit, as well as a 48-page instructional book and a 32-page sketchbook that discusses all the tips and tricks to creating stunning, modern calligraphic fonts, this title is the perfect kick-start to the hot trend of brush-marker calligraphy.

What's Included

  • eight brush markers
  • a kneadable eraser
  • HB pencil
  • 48-page instruction book
  • a 32-page sketchboo