Art Maker Mindwaves Colouring Kit: Ocean Tranquillity

by Hinkler Books
ISBN 9781488924606
Product Type Kit
Product Size 250 x 330 x 28mm
Publication Date 1 Apr 21

The Art Maker Mindwaves Calming Colouring Kit: Ocean Tranquillity allows children and adults alike to explore their creative side and bring some serenity to the world in this truly captivating under-the-sea themed book! Whether it's jellyfish, sea anemones, dolphins, orca whales or charming corals, there is something for everyone in this delightful kit.

The 48-page Art Maker Mindwaves Calming Colouring Pad contains 22 exquisitely drawn images to colour, attractively packaged with 30 colour pencils. Get ready to dive into a sea of calm as you colour!

• 30 pencils - with 12 metallic pencils 
• 24 images to colour-in