Art Maker Watercolour Paints

ISBN 9781488938634
Product Type Kit
Product Size 255 x 330mm
Publication Date 1 Oct 18

Learning how to paint with watercolour paints has never been easier or more enjoyable with Artmaker: Watercolour Masterclass. This comprehensive kit offers a practical guide and all the artistic tools that you need to begin practising this exciting and evocative art style straight away! 

This instructional 48-page book, Watercolour Masterclass, introduces you to the materials, equipment and skills associated with this popular technique. As a budding artist, you will be guided through a range of skills and styles of painting, before being taken step-by-step through stunning watercolour compositions with subjects ranging from a still-life composition to a picturesque canal and a fun scene of people unwinding at the beach. 

This kit features everything you need to get painting right away: five sheets of 300 gsm paper, a paint palette, four different paintbrushes and ten tubes of paints. In no time at all, you’ll be painting boldly and with confidence, producing interesting and beautiful effects and creating your own unique watercolour artworks that you can proudly put on display.