Art Maker Watercolour Pencils (Portrait)

ISBN 9781488938429
Product Type Kit
Product Size 330mm x 235mm
Publication Date 1 Oct 19

Watercolor pencils are high-quality pencils that create a watercolour-paint effect when water is applied. This gives them the special ability to create dreamy compositions with both pencil-drawing and painterly effects. The contemporary twist on this is to add a third medium to the mix: black fineliner pen!  

Phenomenal watercolour artist Debbie Lavreys takes the budding artist on a journey across the watercolour-pencil spectrum via seven varied, step-by-step projects – from more a traditional forest landscape to brightly plumaged toucan, to modern-style portraits and a fresh styling of terrariums.

What's Included

  • 10 watercolour pencils
  • two traditional brushes
  • a black fine-liner pen
  • sheets of watercolour paper
  • a waterbrush
  • 48-page instruction book