Australian Woman's Diary 2019

ISBN 9781488937552
Product Type Paperback
Product Size 160 x 114 x 12 mm
Publication Date 1 Aug 18

This practical and inspirational diary is the perfect place to note appointments, birthdays, anniversaries and events. Each week features a thoughtful quote to contemplate. Ideal for everyday use, this is also a handy reference tool for all kinds of useful information – all in one pocket-sized, easy-to-use diary! Features include:

  • One week to a page
  • Public holiday dates
  • School term dates
  • Renewals and reminders
  • Important contacts
  • Dates to remember
  • Birthday card list
  • Traditional wedding anniversary gift list
  • Quick-glance calendars for 2019 and 2020
  • Other useful reference information

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