Make Each Day An Experiment - STEM The Hinkler Way!

11 August 2022
It can be hard to keep up with how rapidly the world is changing. Figuring out new technologies and overcoming the unique challenges of the 21st century is difficult enough for adults, let alone young children. This is where STEM education comes in!

The History and Celebration of NAIDOC week - Featuring Steven Bekue

06 July 2022
NAIDOC week is a fantastic opportunity to participate in a range of activities and celebrations to support your local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. But what is NAIDOC week, and why is it so important?

Meet the Author! – Lisa Mallet-Zimmerman

21 June 2022
Pressed flowers are the best flowers, and our resident crafty expert must agree because she’s designed a whole kit! We caught up with Lisa Mallet-Zimmerman on what it means to be a crafter extraordinaire who also somehow manages to don about 20 other hats!

Meet the Author! – Melissa Strauss

31 May 2022
Our new OMC! Tie Dye Kit helps you put a colourful twist on anything you please – from accessories and clothing to everything in between! Honestly, it’s tote-ally tie-dye for!

Planning Your Long-Awaited Adventure

17 May 2022
The wind on your face, the excitement of planning and taking off – international borders are finally opening again and it's time to get back to seeing the world!

A Rhyme for Easter Time!

14 April 2022
Easter is the perfect time take a breather from work and try out a new hobby. Explore the magical world of poetry this year and promote creativity in your life!

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