5 Epic Gift Ideas for the Schoolkids in your life

09 December 2016
gift ideas

1. Move it to the beat

If you’re looking to inject a bit more life and energy into your home, music could be just the thing.
At Hinkler we don’t believe your little one has to be a musical genius to enjoy playing an instrument. It’s never too early (or too late for that matter) to pick up a guitar, ukulele… or a harmonica!

If you’re concerned about the learning curve, fear not – for our Music Kits come complete with step-by-step guides and accompanying CDs. And because we include the instrument itself, they can start strumming from day one!

2. One, two, three – abracadabra!

Are your little magicians-in-waiting longing to dazzle you with spellbinding tricks and sleight-of-hand? Are you not quite ready to shell-out the big bucks for a mahogany box to saw someone in half?

So here’s the good news: magic doesn’t need to be flashy to awe and amaze. That’s because our Street Magic kit teaches your mini Houdini to perform tricks using everyday items from around the house.
See? Tapping into magic isn’t so hard (or expensive) after all.

3. Channel your inner da Vinci or Einstein

A brand new hobby is just a page-turn away with our awesome Zap! series.

Make bubble-powered rockets or erupt your very own volcanos with our incredible book of science experiments. Discover the buzz of learning to speed sketch with our drawing title. Or become a home-grown palaeontologist with our awesome dinosaur facts and activity book – the ultimate Jurassic experience.

110% fun guaranteed!

4. A touch of sleepover glam

Are your kids looking to up the glam in their lives?

Introducing Nail Pen Salon and Nail Art Studio, the arty, crafty – and above all stylish – nail-art kits with all they need to turn their home into a salon. The perfect sleepover or play-date boredom buster, they’ll be channelling their inner Taylor Swift in no time. Flourishing fashionistas unite!

But wait. There’s more! If they also like to get creative with their hair, look no further than our hair chalk and hair braiding kits. Hours of glamorous entertainment and pleasure await.

5. Become the next Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew

Indulging in a little mystery never hurt anyone. And guess what? If you’re in the mood to put your explorer’s hat on, our Spot What books are perfect for every keen-eyed budding adventurer.

So go ahead and try to find the missing mattress, milk carton or motorbike. Or perhaps the elusive pony, present, pillow or policeman.

Put your detective skills to the test and see if you can spot what’s gone astray today.

With Hinkler, finding the perfect Christmas gift for the kids in your life is a breeze. From mini magicians and musicians to budding fashionistas and detectives – we really do have something for everyone!
So look through our catalogue today!