A true blue Aussie Christmas

21 December 2020

What do you think of when someone says Christmas? There’s a good chance many of us have similar answers: time with loved ones, good food, presents, perhaps joy and relaxation.


But while there may be a few things about the festive season that we all share, there are also many differences. For instance, an Aussie Christmas is quite unlike a traditional white Christmas! And it’s not just the weather that’s different – a true blue Aussie Christmas is a completely unique experience.



If you live on the northern part of the globe, chances are you spend the festive season in coats, scarves, beanies and other warm clothes. You might even have to trudge through snow to do your Christmas shopping or get a roaring fire going at home. 


Christmas Day will likely dawn cold and crisp, and your breath will steam in the air outside as you head to a cosy family home to enjoy a hearty meal. Warming drinks like eggnog and hot chocolate will be served with steaming desserts like pudding. After the meal, you might settle down to a board game or a movie, and when you snuggle under the covers that night, you are warm and full.


But a Christmas Down Under is very different!


As the Aussie festive season falls in the height of summer, it’s not unusual for the days to be 30-degree scorchers. Gift shopping is a confusing mixture of air-conditioned stores and a hot, sun-baked car and the Christmas lights don’t start glittering until almost 9pm.


When Christmas Day arrives, most people are in dresses, shorts and sandals. People usually gather around a table in a backyard near a sizzling barbecue, or indoors with the aircon cranked up. 



Tables are spread with prawns, salads, fruit platters and pavlovas, and fridges and eskies are filled with cold beer and other refreshing drinks. Later, those who haven’t eaten too much might enjoy a game of backyard cricket or even head to the beach for a swim or a game of volleyball.


And if you’re lucky enough to be camping in the great Australian wilderness, you might spend the evening swapping stories with mates or even just watching the stars (after you’ve put insect repellent on, of course).


The Aussie Christmas is certainly a unique one. Whether you want to experience it for the first time or evoke a sense of nostalgia, our range of Aussie Christmas colouring books are sure to give you that true blue experience!