It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Craftmas

20 December 2018

At Hinkler, we don’t just talk the craft, we walk the craft! 

The staff at Hinkler HQ are a crafty bunch, so we’ve asked everyone to share some of their favourite Christmas crafts that they’ve completed over the years. 


Kelly  Sales

9-year-old Alva made this sweet little gingerbread house ornament at school last week out of paper and tape, and it is now hung on the Christmas tree with pride! Even the simplest creations can be made into special Christmas ornaments by attaching a small loop of string or ribbon! 


Tee  Operations

Tee makes ‘junk journals’ all year round but loves making festive-themed journals to treasure during the holiday season. Despite the name, these are handmade journals to treasure! Each ‘junk journal’ is stitched together with thread, using recycled papers and materials. She even uses tea to dye some pages to give them a vintage feel!  You can use lots of different materials, from magazines, brochures, patterned paper, music sheets, envelopes, paper bags, greeting cards, postcards, doilies and heaps more! The covers can be made from cereal boxes, old book covers or cardboard packaging. This one is made from a biscuit box! You can make these journals as personalized as you like, so they make the perfect gift for a loved one or a beautiful holiday memento. You can follow Tee’s crafting adventures on Instagram

Or, if crafting isn’t really your thing, you can purchase handmade junk journals on Etsy!


Verity  Publishing

Verity made her family a Christmas card many years ago and it is still treasured to this day. Handmade and hand-written cards or letters are a wonderful way to show others that you care.


Bianca  Design and Marketing

Bianca made a beautiful peg-reindeer and Christmas star at a Bunnings crafting session when she was a child, and they make their way onto the tree every year. You can make Christmas ornaments out of everyday objects with some sparkles and colour to make them feel magical!


Emma  Design

This year, Emma made a beautiful Christmas gift for her mum. Made from wool using a felting technique, this is a Christmas tribute to their kitty, Smudge, who sadly passed away earlier this year but will live on in their hearts.

It turns out that Emma is from a crafty family and her mum makes wonderful Christmas cards by hand to share with the special people in her life!



Sam  Editorial

Sam made a delightful Christmas angel for the tree when she was very small, so understandably it had seen better days and one year lost its head while in storage! However, Sam and her sister improvised and Christmas-Angel-Harry-Potter has been sitting on top of the Christmas tree every year since! Upcycling old Christmas decorations is a great way to reduce waste, and to give sentimental ornaments a new lease on life!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the glorious crafts that the talented Hinkler staff have made this year! If you’ve made something special, please share it with us on social media via Facebook or Instagram!


Written by Sam | Sam is the Editorial Assistant at Hinkler Books. When she’s not writing or editing she can be found tending to her indoor plants, eating breakfast food or riding her horse, Pi.