Crafty careers: simple craft activities to nurture your child’s creativity

15 March 2021

Trying new things helps children discover what they like and, just as importantly, what they don’t. 

The wonderful world of arts and crafts is a gateway to unlocking a child’s imagination. Let them explore, play and discover exactly who they want to be when they grow up with the fun craft activities below.



Think your child would make a dino-mite palaeontologist? Then let them create their very own playdough fossils. All you need is some small dinosaur toys to make impressions in the dough.

No dinosaur toys? No problem! Palaeontology is the study of all organisms, so grab some toothpicks or a pencil, and let your child’s imagination run wild by creating fun shapes in the playdough. What new species did they uncover? 


Transform your child’s room into a high-security laboratory with our out of this world Zap! Extra DIY Putty Lab kit. It’s never been easier for kids to get in touch with their inner scientist, as they mix, squish and experiment their way to new scientific discoveries. But be careful – this is a dangerous substance! Keep it away from your favourite white couch, or you’ll be one mad scientist! 



Ask your child to take some fun snaps, and then pick the best ones and collaborate to design a picture frame. Simply trace a jar or use a protractor to get a perfect circle. Then draw a smaller circle in the middle (where the photo will go). Now let your child go nuts as they design their very own doughnut frame! Add some glitter for sprinkles if you like a bit more glitz. 

Studio artist

Your child can open up their very own design studio with our Zap! Extra: Puffy Sticker Studio. Teach them to stick with what they love as they follow our step-by-step instructions to design their own artwork and produce it as wonderful stickers they can share with their friends! 


Jewellery designer

Want to see if your child should design for Tiffany and Co. or Pandora? Then try this fun, off the cuff activity. Grab a cardboard toilet roll holder and cut it lengthways down one side so that you have a base for a bracelet cuff. 

Then let your child’s imagination shine! Kids can paint the cuff, add some glitter and diamantes, or even wrap it in bright-coloured wool. And the best part about jewellery design is that it’s wearable art, so kids can show off their creations to the world.


The study of beauty treatments is an awesome combination of art and science! And in the beauty world, the topic on everyone’s lips is always lip balms. Our Zap! Extra: Mix 'n' Make Lip Care Kit is a fun kit that will teach your child all about lip care, while allowing them to get creative and invent their very own handcrafted lip balms. 

What new inventions or discoveries has your child made? Let us know by tagging us on Instagram @hinkler_global!