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02 August 2018

Computer Coding for Kids

Coding is here to stay, with computers and computer code playing a crucial part in every aspect our daily lives. For kids, learning to code is a hugely fun and creative activity! Just look at the success of games like Minecraft! 10% of the world’s students have tried’s Hour of Code. Toys featuring coding and robotics are also hugely popular. 

The Benefits of Coding

Coding is also becoming an essential part of their school curriculum. Coding teaches kids how to design, create, program and adapt computer code, but there’s more to it than that. Learning coding also:

  • develops lateral-thinking, logic, planning and problem-solving skills
  • improves creativity, imagination and critical thinking
  • teaches kids how to work collaboratively on a project 
  • gets kids interested and involved in essential STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects

Coding Resources

There are lots of resources available for kids (and adults!) to learn the basics of computer coding and programming. Program languages can be:

  • visual ‘drag and drop’-style programs such as Scratch and Snap!, where the user uses their mouse to drag and connect together blocks of code; or 
  • text-based programs such as Python and JavaScript, where programmer types out the instructions in a specific coding language. 

Many visual drag-and-drop programs are freely available online and are a great starting point for younger kids and for those who are new to coding. The great thing about these programs is that they teach the same concepts, skills and coding habits as the more-technical text-based programming languages. This is what Hinkler has chosen as the most accessible and useful form of programming for kids.

The Coding Book

In Hinkler’s new title, The Coding Book (AUS/UK edition out now, US version coming in August 2018), the heroic supercoders of a secret organisation called VALID must stop the evil agents of CORUPT from taking over the galaxy, and they need YOUR coding skills to do it!

This 192-page book is a super-fun, user-friendly, story-based introduction to the exciting world of computer coding and programming. The team of superheroes guide kids through a series of exciting missions, all designed to help build programming skills and knowledge. 

The Coding Book introduces and teaches children the basics of coding through a range of fun projects and exercises. Kids don’t need any prior knowledge or experience and can work at their own pace, with lots of reinforcement and support as they learn. Each project is illustrated with full-colour screenshots and illustrations, clearly demonstrating each step in the exercise and reinforcing what they are learning.

The eight sections in The Coding Bookcover a huge range of essential coding concepts, including:

  • scripts
  • sprites
  • movement 
  • co-ordinates and loops
  • broadcasts and events
  • cloning and duplication
  • variables
  • bug hunting and testing 
  • and LOADS more!

This book teaches its lessons using Snap!, a free web-based program that runs on all devices. Snap! is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop graphical programming language designed for children by the University of California at Berkeley. Plus, kids’ projects can be saved and sent to family and friends to play and enjoy!

Kids can create fantastic games, including:

Try It for Yourself!

Why not try one of the fun projects in The Coding Book? It’s super-easy to get started and the instructions are clear and simple to follow. Try this fun game where you have to click to catch the correctly coloured alien!

So now that you have had a taste of coding adventures we hope that you are inspired to embark on many more to come!

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