Easter egg-stravaganza! Fun easter activities for the whole family

01 April 2021

It’s nearly Easter!

If your chicks have been good little eggs in the last year, why not reward them with a truly egg-ceptional time?

Ideas to refresh the annual easter egg hunt multiply almost as fast as rabbits. But there are a few special activities that will add some extra bounce to your child’s chocolate eggscapades.


If you want to spice up the standard hunt for chocolate, make an old-fashioned treasure map for all the places you’ve squirreled away this year’s treats! The kids might have to work a bit harder to find the goodies, but they will taste all the sweeter when they do.

And if you don’t want your little ones to suffer from a sugar coma, then there are plenty of other options for easter treasure! You could hide a variety of easter-themed prizes, such as this fantastic Invisible Ink Easter Hunt activity book, which will keep them occupied at the end of the day when you’re looking for a little down time. 

You could paint some eggs in metallic gold paint and hide them amongst the chocolates. Tell the kids that these magic golden eggs can be worth an extra prize – maybe some more chocolate or even the choice of the film at the next family movie night.

Or you can even hide a carrot in the garden as a kind of consolation prize! If any of your kiddos are curious enough to grab the only healthy snack on offer, you could reward them with a little something extra, like this fun floor puzzle filled with adorable spring-time bunnies. 


After the hunt is over, why not enjoy some quality time together and treat your family to an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party?

Simply set up a table or picnic blanket in your garden, the park, your very own living room or even the most curious andcuriouser place you can think of. Indulge the whole family with tea (or hot chocolate!) as well as easter snacks.

You could even bring along a copy of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale of adventure and go down the rabbit hole with your family. And, if your kids are old enough, why not take turns reading aloud? Funny voices are encouraged.

Just don’t forget to tell the White Rabbit the picnic starts 30 minutes earlier than it actually does – he’s always late!

So, are you ready to pull the rabbit out of the hat this Easter with something new and different? 

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