February 2017 New Releases

02 February 2017

We’re well into 2017 now: it’s already February! In the southern hemisphere, the days are still long and hot, while in the north, it’s coming to the end of a long, cold winter. Here are some great books for kids and adults alike to enjoy as they either beat the heat or warm up on a chilly day! We hope you enjoy our February new releases.

First Steps: Numbers

This fun series will entertain children while giving them a head start on learning. The bright illustrated art style will delight adults and children alike, featuring adorable characters throughout – a fish with a bow tie, an egg with glasses, and more!

Beautifully presented on lightweight pages that are perfect for little hands to hold. The simple words combined with colourful illustrations of familiar animals and items will help children develop early reading and number skills.


First Steps: Peekaboo! Make Believe

This second title in the adorable Peekaboo! series features delightful illustrations of cute monsters in a unique new format with fun peekaboo pages that allow the character to play peekaboo with you and your child!

With a different character on every spread, this stunning title will become a fast favourite with your little one.


Colour this Journal: Series 2

Release your inner artist and writer with this fantastic new series of Colour this Journal books!

16 colouring pages are interspersed through 80 lined journal-pages, adding beautiful, bright and individual touches to your journal whilst still leaving you plenty of room to record your thoughts, important memos and dates, and all your other journal multi-tasks. Having the colouring element built into the journal also creates the perfect anti-stress device, as just 30 seconds of colouring can make you feel relaxed.

In the perfectly sized A5 format, these books are the ideal travel-companion-easy to slip in your bag, ready to pull out immediately when important thoughts and inspiration hit!


Mindworks Brain Training Puzzles: Spatial, Perceptual, Deductive and Numeric

Take control of your mental workout with Mindworks Brain Training puzzle books! Unlike other puzzle collections, these books are designed by teams of experts to stimulate specific areas of the brain and target the associated mental processes.

Each book includes over 125 full-colour puzzles and solutions with comprehensive explanations, as well as difficulty ratings and suggested time limits for each puzzle, so that you can easily find a puzzle to suit your current level and progress as your mental agility increases. These books allow you to train your brain exactly the way you want to!


Love and Peace Dot-to-Dot

Get ready to soothe your mind and open your heart with these inspiring dot-to-dot puzzles.

This beautiful collection is designed to soothe the overextended mind and settle unruly emotions. There are more than 120 images to choose from, depicting scenes, words, symbols, objects and people from around the world.

Filled with images of peace, love and positivity, this book is the perfect way to set aside your worries and unwind, one dot at a time.