Five Activities for a Rainy Day

23 May 2019

After a beautiful, sunny summer, it can be tough for kids to come to terms with the wet weather of winter. While we love a good afternoon of puddle stomping, sometimes it’s a bit stormy for little ones to venture out.

When kids are stuck inside (and bored) it can be tempting to put on a movie or game on an iPad. Movies can be a lovely treat but there are plenty of other wet-weather activities available!

Put a jigsaw puzzle together

Puzzles are a classic rainy-weather activity that can be enjoyed alone or in a group. Puzzles can give kids the opportunity to work together and can encourage a sense of achievement when they are finished. Puzzles are also a great self-correcting learning tool. They allow children to learn adaptability, hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills!

Have a Paper Plane Competition

All you need for this activity is a few pieces of paper! Draw on or decorate the paper before folding the planes to give this activity a creative edge – it’s also a great way to tell everyone’s planes apart when it’s time for flying. If your kids are still a little young to fold their own planes, fold them ahead of time and focus on who can throw their planes the furthest instead!

Make some arts and crafts

Arts and crafts are a great way to pass time when you’re stuck indoors. You can make almost anything with what you have at home (even more if you have some basic art supplies). Rock painting, sock puppets or bookmarks are just a few ideas. Making arts and crafts can be an awesome opportunity to make some wall art or a gift for a friend. A simple activity can be making a Thank You card for a parent, friend or teacher to encourage gratitude!

Host a storytime in your living room

Reading a story together doesn’t have to be a before bed activity. Set up some cushions on the floor and find a book to read. This is a great opportunity for kids to learn to read aloud and can be a great practice in sharing if you’re taking turns. Add some silliness with funny voices or sound effects depending on the book. The best part about this activity is that it is completely adaptable to the child’s reading level. If they’re a little young to read, they’ll still love hearing the story and spending time together.

Practice drawing together

This is a great, low-cost activity that can be done solo or as a group. Set yourselves up at a table, or on the floor, and pick something around the house to draw. If could be a bowl of fruit, favourite toy or even each other. Not only is this a wonderful way to spend some screen-free time together, it’s also a fantastic way to build your little one’s confidence in their art abilities!