Going back to school? Preparation is key!

11 January 2021

What’s that sound? School bells – already?!

Most of us are firmly in holiday mode and the upcoming school year feels like months away. But all too soon, it will be the night before the first day back and there’ll be no uniforms ironed, no lunch organised, and no books packed. Chaos!


Starting off the year on the right foot is crucial to success at school. Knowing what to expect can make all the difference for kids who are settling into a new school year. Whether they’re starting school for the first time or entering their final year, preparation is key.


And even though it can be time-consuming or difficult to get things organised before the school bells ring, it will ultimately make life easier for the whole family. 


So here are our top tips to get you and your kids ready for the year ahead:


1. Encourage your kids to read at least one book before school starts.

Some kids may have spent their holidays with their nose stuck in a book but, realistically, it’s more likely they have had their eyes on a screen more than a page. Getting them back into reading (even if it’s not a school book) will help ease them into the school year. 


If they’re a little worried about the academic side of things, opening a school book before the first day can be a good idea. It doesn’t have to be serious study, but familiarising themselves with the content can give them confidence when it comes to tackling it in the classroom. School Zone’s Get Ready and I Know It series are specifically designed to introduce young minds to a range of concepts, from numbers and the alphabet to fractions and handwriting.



2. Make back-to-school shopping a fun outing and let them choose some of their own supplies.

Promise them icecream, a trip to the movies or a new video game – whatever it takes to get them to the shops! Involving your kids in back-to-school shopping not only gets them excited about the year ahead but also helps them get used to preparation and organisation – key life skills even after school.


3. Set their sleep schedules to ‘school time’ two weeks before school starts.
Two weeks might seem like a long time, but getting out of holiday mode and into school mode is tough – not just for kids, but for everyone. A regular bed time and wake-up time will set them up for a successful school year.



So there you have it! We can’t promise you won’t have to deal with first-day nerves or grumpy kids but the more prepared you are, the more likely you all are to have a smooth start.


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