Happy World emojiĀ® Day

17 July 2018

Today, we   emoji® .

As of June 2018, there are over 14,000 official emoji® icons around the , more than 6 billion  are sent every  through messaging applications, social media, and email. Can we just say  


There simply is no doubt that these little icons have changed the way we  and .

We  emoji® icons at Hinkler!  Which is why we are so  to  on this   that Hinkler has  with emoji® – The Iconic Brand!


Since it was founded in 2013, emoji® is now recognised as the  most influential brand in the .


In 2019, we will be releasing a range of  products as well as a 5- set, and a rock  craft kit. Of course, Hinkler Books’ favourite emoji® icon is ! Though we do have some other ones that come pretty close –     .


Which emoji® icon do you think is the most