Howdy, Howie! Saving the world one koala at a time

15 October 2021


Meet the newest, fuzziest member of the Hinkler team: Howie! 

As you might have noticed from his profile pic, Howie is a gorgeous koala! 



So, what were all his amazing koalafications to join us?


Howie’s history

Howie has a soft spot for kids, so made his home around the grounds of Soldiers Point School. The teachers and students loved him and, with a face destined for photographs, Howie became a local celebrity.

But when Howie got sick and gained a new neighbour – another male koala who sadly wasn’t very friendly – he was taken to Port Stephens Koalas to get better.

The good news is that Howie is now better than ever! In March this year, the Hinkler team adopted Howie as part of Port Stephens Koalas rescue program. As much as we love our office of amazing collaborators, we have to admit that Howie has become the instant favourite. (Especially since his work is always of the highest koalaty!)

Howie’s interests include napping, the company of female koalas, and eating (his favourite kind of Eucalyptus leaves are Argyle Apple and Tasmanian Blue Gum).



Port Stephens Koalas

The Port Stephens team have been working to protect our wildlife friends for more than 33 years. They provide care to injured or sick koalas, and help rehabilitate them so they can be returned to – and thrive in – their natural habitat. Since 2010, they have rescued over 650 koalas and released almost 400 back into the wild.

The adoption program helps the furry patients get back on their sweet little feet by providing funds for specialised treatments, tests and medications. It also helps with the cost of rescue ambulances and gathering gum leaves.


Why conservation matters

We can’t beat around the bush when it comes to conservation. Unless we all work together to protect our environment, kids of the future might never see a koala outside of a history book. And a world without koalas is one we simply cannot bear (pun intended)!

There are plenty of simple, easy and fun ways to get kids involved in conservation:


  • Create school programs – talk to your child’s teacher about adopting a koala
  • Take trips to wildlife sanctuaries so your kids can learn about our native species and the importance of investing in our wildlife.
  • Help your child organise a school fundraiser for a cause they are passionate about.
  • Set small challenges to promote how everyday choices impact conservation. For example, take your child grocery shopping and challenge them to choose items without plastic.


Involving kids in conservation efforts encourages them to be compassionate and teaches them that small changes can make a difference. Finding solutions for real-world problems can also help them feel empowered!



Conservation efforts like Port Stephens Koalas’ work is crucial so that creatures like Howie can have a better life!

If you’d like to support the work that Port Stephens Koalas is doing, you can make a donation here.