Introducing We Are Girls!

02 November 2018

Celebrating the VOICES of women

November is an exciting month at Hinkler as it sees the release of the newest addition to the Bonney Press series of children’s books: We Are Girls. This stunning collection includes six beautifully illustrated stories about six different girls, each of whom are on their own quest. Victoria wants to trek to the summit of a nearby hill; Olivia springs to action when her pen pal shares some sad news; Indy has a triathlon trophy in her sights; Claire has big dreams of the perfect treehouse; Emily searches for sounds to create the perfect song to cheer up her grandpa and Sofia discovers how to express herself as she styles the perfect outfit for dress-up day. 

Accompanying every story is a collection of biographies detailing the lives of extraordinary women who have influenced and changed the world in similar ways to each of the girls. The collection also features a journal that encourages girls to use their voices to share their own stories and forge their own paths. 

We Are Girls celebrates girls and women who strive to be the best that they can be. This special collection aims to inspire and empower its readers to do the same and it is the perfect gift for the daughters, granddaughters and girls in everyone’s lives.

To celebrate the exciting release of this inspirational picture storybook, throughout November we will be sharing an in-depth look at We Are Girls including interviews with our authors and illustrators, character profiles, behind-the-scenes videos and more!

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