Keep the Kids Entertained These School Holidays with School Zone and Hinkler!

06 July 2018

Much like thirst is an indicator of the need to drink some water, boredom is a sign of a need for mental or physical activity due to pent-up energy. It is important to keep kids entertained and to have constructive ways for them to use this energy during the school holidays.

School Zone Club Boredom Busters

As part of our exclusive School Zone Club, Hinkler and School Zone have put together some of the best DIY-learning, boredom-busting, downloadable activities to add some variety to your school holidays. And the best part is, they’re free!

DIY Jigsaw

Your kids will love building their own jigsaw; have your child draw a fun picture on our jigsaw template, help them cut it out, mix up the pieces, then put it back together again! This activity allows children to be creative and draw any kind of picture that they like, then they can test their spatial reasoning skills by putting the jigsaw back together! This activity will keep the kids entertained and engaged for at least a couple of hours.

Favourite Things Alphabet Book

They can also create their own alphabet book, using just some paper or card, staples, pens and images found in magazines or online. With this activity, children can practice their writing and spelling skills, all while creating a fun book for themselves, including pictures of all of their favourite things.  

Write-Your-Own Ending

Or, you could even help your child use their imagination to create alternate endings to some of their favourite stories! Ask your child to contemplate what would happen in the story if the characters had made different choices. How would the story’s ending change? This activity is great as children are already engaged in the story and the characters, and they get to use their imagination and writing skills to rethink some of their favourite stories. Why not have them create new illustrations for the new ending of their stories, too? They might even enjoy it so much that they want to write a story of their own.


All of these free activities for kids are downloadable from Hinkler’s School Zone Club, along with fun facts, games and so much more! Brighten up your winter school holidays with School Zone and Hinkler!