Meet the Author! – Melissa Strauss

31 May 2022

Our new OMC! Tie Dye Kit helps you add a colourful twist to your life – from accessories and clothing to everything in between! Honestly, it’s tote-ally tie-dye for!

We recently checked in with our resident tie-dye expert, and the creator of this awesome DIY tie-dye fashion kit, Mel Strauss, to talk about all the colourful things and what it’s like to be an all-round legend!  


Tell us a little about yourself, Mel:

I am a Mother of 4, soon to be 5. My kids are my muses and I love creating fun projects to do with them as well as making clothes and homewares with a unique and eclectic vibe! My interest in tie dye quickly evolved from a hobby to a full-blown passion when I was pregnant with my daughter, dyeing all her baby clothes and brother's hand-me-downs in a sea of rainbows which led me to start my business Stylinmum so I could create unique colourful pieces for others too!

Have you always wanted to be an artist?

I have been a creative soul from a very young age, I'm especially drawn to colours and textures. I always loved art, music and creating with my hands and I love to express myself through a variety of mediums including drawing, painting, tie dye, crochet, nail art and photography to name a few! 



What do you think is the best part about being an artist?

I love sharing parts of myself through my creativity and encouraging others to do the same! Creating art is cathartic and calming and it brings me so much joy to share my creative process and inspire others. I have a deep appreciation for other people's creativity too, I love seeing how differently we all see this world!



Give us the crafty details! Where do you get your inspiration from?

I draw a lot of inspiration from the world around me, especially nature. The patterns, colours and textures leap out and grab my eye and ideas start to flow. I'm not one to plan my art too precisely, preferring to work by feel and let my creativity take over each project. Knowing when a piece will be 'finished' is often hard to say, but when I get close, I like to leave it and reflect the next day, sometimes even longer.



What do you love to do (apart from creating magnificent artworks!):

I'm a big lover of nature, animals and the outdoors! We spend a lot of our free time at the beach, park and love to go camping. My children love creating too, and I love doing crafts with them – encouraging their young minds and seeing their ideas come to life! Photography has become a much bigger part of my life since becoming a Mother too, I love capturing beautiful memories and they inspire me so much! I'm also a glutton for binge watching TV series, all things chocolate and staying up way too late!



Any advice for a budding artist who’s just starting out?

The creative community is so inspiring and supportive! Sharing your work online and connecting with other creative minds is such a great way to get yourself out there! If you are passionate about your art, it shows and the right energy will gravitate towards you, in turn inspiring others and yourself. My friends and family were always encouraging of my creativity and sharing my work with the world has been a really positive experience and lead to many opportunities to utilise my creativity and passion through creative projects and working with brands. 

To see more of Mel and her majestic creations, follow her on: @stylinmum & @mumneedscoffee