Meet the girls of We Are Girls!

12 November 2018

Looking for a truly special gift for the girls in your life this Christmas? Look no further. We Are Girls – a compendium of six stunning picture story books – is incredible, empowering and most of all, inspirational! This is one of the projects our studio loved the most this year, telling the stories of six extraordinary girls as they work hard to achieve their dreams.

Victoria is a traveller, always blazing a new trail and seeking the unknown, and loves to hike, camp and soak up nature! Victoria likes to map and plan her adventures, always ensuring she has everything that she needs. She’s independent, careful and brave, revelling in conquering a trail all by herself. She dreams of adventure, and after careful planning and preparation, sets out on a challenging solo hike to the peak of a local mountain. There are forests to enjoy, rivers to cross, birds and wildlife to see and caves to explore – but will she have the resilience to push on to the top when she meets a less-than-friendly forest inhabitant?

Olivia is a born leader and planner, with checklists galore, a super-positive outlook and a knack for bringing people together and inspiring them with her energy and optimism. And she’s discovered one of life’s big truths: that giving is huge fun! She loves to help others and to inspire her friends to do good things too! So, when a penpal mentions that her school has no money for books, Olivia swings into action. A school fair could raise the funds needed – but with cupcakes, a second-hand store, a raffle and even a bouncy castle, it’s a lot to organise. Can Olivia and her friends pull it off?

Indy loves a challenge as well, but her passions are running and riding and swimming and throwing! A natural athlete, she’s always aiming to get further, higher, faster, better, and she’s won heaps of trophies! She loves the feeling of the wind in her hair when she’s riding her bike, and her feet pounding the ground as she’s running. She takes care of her body to ensure she can perform at her peak. She’s just taken on her biggest test yet, her first triathlon, and she needs to work hard, with weeks and weeks of training, eating well and going to bed early. Importantly, she makes sure she takes time out to relax with her family and friends, too! How will she fare when the start gun goes off?

Claire’s driven by something completely different again. Budding architects and designers will love this story: Claire just can’t get enough of building, making, drawing and designing! She loves the process of bringing her ideas into reality and getting to enjoy the finished product of her hard work. She’s made everything from hatstands to picture frames, but her newest and boldest vision is a colossal, awesome treehouse. Of course, such a big project needs big funding – and then hours of nailing, sawing, sanding and smoothing! It’s a good thing Claire isn’t afraid of working hard. She’ll need all her resourcefulness and patience to make this vision a reality!

For Emily, music flows through the world and bursts around and from within her – in the clink of the dishes, the buzzing of bees, the tick of the clock and the wind in the trees. She takes cello lessons and loves them, but making her own electronic music, using sounds sampled from her daily life in the city, is even more fun! For Emily, the best part of creating music is getting to share it with others! Her grandfather is a musician, too, and has encouraged Emily to play since she was tiny. So when he gets sick, she decides to make him a springtime song to get his groove back. Getting this tune just right for him is going to take all her talents!

Sofia is a true original, and style is her passion and her means of self-expression. She absolutely loves clothes, shoes, hairstyles and everything fashion, and is a whizz at putting together looks that brighten everyone’s day and help her stay positive, even when she’s sad or nervous. When her school announces a dress-up day, of course she wants to wear something different and cool, and win the prize for best outfit! Can she create something spectacular out of the old clothes her mum brings down from the attic?

* * *

They want it to happen: you’ll cheer them on through it!

Will they ever give up once they set their minds to it?

The girls in this wonderful book are determined, passionate, creative, brave and motivated. We hope they inspire all readers to reach for their dreams and strive to be the best that they can be. They all have wonderful stories to tell, and we want every girl to picture themselves as the protagonist – the person who drives the narrative – of their own life story. Every girl has a story to tell. Find your voice and share yours.

We promise, you’ll love these girls as much as we do!