National Recycling Week: Recycling and Reducing Your Carbon Footprint at Home

15 November 2017

Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week is Monday 13 to Sunday 19 November 2017, and it’s a cause we
can all really get behind! There is a multitude of ways to recycle, including through your curb-side bin,
donating, exchanging, reusing and upcycling. Here’s a few examples of how you can get involved.

Recycling at Home
Recycling is easy and so good for the planet there’s no excuse not to do it.

If you aren’t already recycling regularly, putting recyclable packaging in your recycling bin is one small
change that can help your community, the country, and the planet, in a big way.

If you’re not sure what can be recycled and what can’t, here are some tips to help make the process

There’s an App for That!
Have a question or still unsure about something recycling-based? There’s a free app for that!
RecycleSmart is available on iOS and Android phones and includes all sorts of helpful information, like
local council recycling details, and drop-off locations for recyclable items like batteries and toners that
can’t be recycled through your curb-side bin.

So, make sure you look around your home, inspect packaging that you’re throwing out, and put
everything in the right bin!

There are lots of other super simple ways you can help the environment from home.

Some easy ideas you can put into action right now include:

– Turn the tap off while you brush your teeth. The average person uses about an enormous 18 litres of water if they leave the water running while brushing their teeth! Simply turning off the tap saves litres of water saved every time you brush!

– Set a timer when you have a shower so that you don’t accidentally go past your target time and litres of water used. We use around eight litres of water every minute in the shower, so it doesn’t take long for your water use to add up.


– Use fans when it’s hot rather than air conditioning, as fans use far less power.

– Similarly, rug up in jumpers, blankets and snuggly socks when it’s cold instead of cranking up the temperature on the heater.

– Switch off products at the wall that you don’t use often. Any electronic gadget you can turn on with a remote (TV, DVD player, game console) uses power even when it is “off”. Even when you’ve turned the hair dryer or toasted- sandwich maker off, electricity is still running into the appliance, unless you switch it off at the wall socket or unplug them entirely. This small change can reduce your carbon footprint, as well as save you money!

Think of this week as a kind of new year of recycling resolutions. What changes do you plan to make this
National Recycling Week?

Check back later this week for our next post on National Recycling Week in which we’ll discuss
Reusing and Upcycling!