Playing with paper: behind the scenes with big kid (and paper engineer) Geoff Rayner

09 September 2020
I’m Geoff Rayner, the paper engineer behind Zap! Extra: Make Your Own Marble Run. A paper engineer makes me sound super sciencey – but it’s just a fancy name for someone who plays with bits of paper and cardboard all day long.

5 reasons why screen-free playtime is important for kids (and how to encourage it)

18 August 2020
For most of us, electronic devices are an essential part of our daily lives. We use them to navigate, learn DIY, research school projects, and so much more. But while they can be super-helpful, it’s a good idea to plan some time away from them. Here are some reasons why:

Learn more about our oceans for National Science Week

13 August 2020
The countdown to National Science Week 2020is on! Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology for everybody is taking place from 15–23 August and is sure to engage curious kids. You can check out all the cool activities and events here.

Too Cute! Behind the scenes with author & crochet artist Rachael Fisher

31 July 2020
Too Cute! Behind the scenes with author & crochet artist Rachael Fisher

Why jigsaws aren’t just for fun – they’re also good for your health

27 July 2020
If you’re into puzzles, you probably already know how compelling a good jigsaw puzzle can be. Whether you’re completing it alone or with family or friends, time can fly by!

School Zone Publishing: Workbooks, Tips, & More for At-Home Learning

02 April 2020
School Zone remains family-owned, focused on excellence, responsive to customers, alert to emerging technology, and committed to community.

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