Screen time or scream time? Drama-free tips for detoxing your digital native

21 September 2021

We can hear your exhausted sighs from here!

To unplug with less fuss, plan some time over the school holidays for a little virtual detox.

See our tips below!


Creative circumvention

Parents deserve a creativity award for consistently inventing distractions to keep kids from jumping online. But even the most creative of us run out of ideas!

To help you out of the sticky situation we all experience when it’s time to put the devices down, look no further than our Make Your Own Puffy Stickers Kit. The beauty of this mini design studio is that it empowers your child to think up original ideas and then bring them to life with their own hands.

The combination of physical and creative work satisfies little ones in a way that screens cannot compete with. They’ll be too excited about their puffy sticker creations (that even glow in the dark!) to huff and puff and blow you down with their small (but powerful!) screen-addicted rage.


Screen schedules

Choosing certain times of day that are screen-free, like mealtimes or bedtime, can help establish a routine. And if there is an established routine, there is much less chance of tantrums!

It is especially important to avoid screen time at night because it can negatively impact our sleep cycle.



Screen time before bed means your kiddo will struggle to drift off to sweet dreams, experience poor quality sleep, and might even have concentration issues and moodiness the following day.

Experts say kids should put their screens down at least 90 minutes before bed. To make this appealing, explain it as ‘putting your screens to bed’. This makes your child feel special because they get to stay up a little longer. Plus, it’s a perfect time for story time!

Reading to your little one helps improve their concentration, imagination and vocabulary. And, best of all, you get to spend some all-important quality time together.



An offline world of imagination

If your clever little kiddo is creating amazing things on Minecraft, encourage them to use their imagination outside the screen.

Does your child have a never-ending stream of ideas? Encourage them to embrace their inner inventor! Our Bouncy Ball Kit invites them to experiment, design and create their very own toy from scratch.

Got a kiddo who loves getting their hands dirty and discovering new things? Let them live their Jurassic Park dreams with our Dino Dig Kit. Once they’ve discovered their very own fossil, they can transform their prehistoric pals into a fun night light with the glow-in-the-dark paint!

They can stretch their imagination even further by dressing up and creating a cool workspace – either a wacky lab or a backyard fossil site!



We hope these tips help you and your little one to get off the screens these school holidays!

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