Spotlight on an artist: Ben Sanders

11 November 2020

Here at Hinkler, we are lucky enough to work with a whole bunch of talented people: artists, writers, illustrators, rock painters, crochet artists, paper engineers (yes, really – you can read more about that here).


A lot of people work very hard behind the scenes to help us create all kinds of exciting and beautiful products, so we thought we’d take some time to shine a spotlight on one.


Introducing our artist of the moment: Ben Sanders!


Ben has collaborated with Hinkler on several projects, including the Classics Seriesand the Unbinders series


We sat down with this father, animal-lover and award-winning illustrator to discover a bit more about him.


What do you do?


Mostly I draw! And sometimes I also write and design (but drawing is usually my favourite). I’ve drawn pictures for Harrods in London and The Wall Street Journal, and I created some of the characters on the Natural Confectionery Co. lolly packets. I do all my work in my little studio in Ballarat, Victoria. I get to live where I want and do what I enjoy – that’s why I love it!


What’s your biggest achievement?


The achievement I’m most proud of is creating children’s books, because you invest so much in crafting the story, developing characters, typesetting and designing. It’s a big effort, so it’s nice to know that there are kids out there who choose my books to read as bedtime stories.


Tell us a fun fact about you.


I lived in Bolivia, South America for a few years. I met a few sloths (they are as cool as you imagine, and inspired the Lento & Fox books), learned to speak Spanish (hola!), had a quick chat with the Bolivian President, and lived in a little house in the thin air of the High Andes.



We’ve been keeping Ben pretty busy lately with a top-secret project that we're very excited about. We can’t say much… but we can tell you that it’s robot-related! 


Be sure to keep an eye out for more of Ben’s great work in the future!