Spring has sprung! Outdoor activities for screen-free playtime

09 October 2020

Spring has finally arrived at Hinkler HQ! The days are getting warmer, flowers are blossoming, and after all this time inside, the idea of embarking on some outdoor adventures has never been so appealing. 


A great way to encourage kids to put down their screens and step outside is to have a craft-er-noon with them. If they make something that will be fun to play with, they’ll be excited to take their new creations outside to test them out. 


It’s time to fly the coop

We might not be able to jet off to exciting new places just yet, but we CAN make our very own private jets and shoot for the stars! Try your hand at making some paper planes or bottle rockets. Kids can design their very own spacecraft, then challenge each other to see whose plane or rocket can fly the furthest or highest. Try adding some markers to see whose plane covers the most distance, or add some alien figurines to the garden and see if your rocket can knock them out!


Check out our action-packed Super Zap! Best Planes & Rockets Kit Everto discover loads of different ways you can design and build your own planes and rockets! 


Chalk it up to the footpath

Grab some coloured chalk and hit the pavement! Draw pictures outside your house or make your own hopscotch pattern. Kids can challenge each other and see who can design the most colourful or most difficult board.



Garden variety

Encourage your children to look after their very own seedlings. Let them pick out a favourite plant, flower or fruit that they would like to raise, and let them grow it in the garden. You can even do this inside with window kits that are apartment-friendly! 



Stay out while staying in

Backyard camping is ideal for this time of year. Pitch a tent in your backyard, toast some marshmallows, and see if you can spot any constellations in the sea of stars above you. If you want to get really creative, you can even try your hand at glamping. Find some fancy pillows, battery-operated string lights, and anything else you can think of to glam up your tent. Our Super Zap! Best Nail Art Kit Everand Best BFF Bracelet Kit Everoffer the perfect sleepover activities to add some sparkle to your big night out!


Ghost town

Halloween is coming! Why not have some fun making decorations or costumes out of old clothing and household items? These activities can take place outside so kids can get creative in the sun. 



  • Want to add some spooky ambience? Grab an old milk bottle and a black marker. Cut the milk bottle in half, draw scary eyes and a mouth on it, and you’ll have your very own ghost tealight holder! (Be sure to never leave candles unattended and always have an adult supervise open flames if there are kids around.)
  • Make a fairy door out of old ice-cream sticks. Simply paint them, add a doorknob (beads work great here) and even add some glitter, then glue them together. Find the perfect spot in your garden to place your enchanted portal and see what emerges! 
  • You can make potion bottles fit for any witch or wizard out of any old bottles – wine or vinegar bottles are perfect. Simply paint them black, then take a gold or silver marker and draw spooky labels on them. 
  • For more ideas, check out our Horrifying Halloween Guide!


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