The new rainy day activity that's taking the world by storm

14 December 2016

From classic ornate As and Bs to modern street-art style Ys and Zs - welcome to the wonderful, whimsical world of lettering!

This on-trend and surprisingly affordable hobby has everyone coming back for more. Suitable for ages 8 to 80, lettering isn’t just for big kids or die-hard crafters anymore. With fun contemporary takes on traditional calligraphy and fun modern styles, kids are grabbing their markers and revolutionising school projects and binders forever! With our new Great Big Book of Amazing Creative Lettering, your entire family will want to join in the fun!


What’s lettering?

Put simply, lettering is the art of drawing letters by hand. While the concept might be simple though, the different styles and projects are huge!

And best of all? Your kids won’t need specialised tools (or even that many rules) to get going!

Lettering provides hours of pleasure for almost any artistic endeavour – from taking handwritten cards to the next levels, to inspirational quote posters to hang above desks to amazing chalked event signs. You might even find them turning their study notes into captivating artworks to making learning not only more memorable but actually fun!


So what is this great big book?

We’ll, it’s not really a book (sorry if we confused you). It’s actually a binder, with eight different lettering sections tucked inside. This means that you and the kids can immediately and easily flip to the section you are interested in, and have a double-page that lies flat, for you to practice on.

We reached out to a bunch of bonafide lettering artists to help us put each section together. Whatever style you or your kids are into – like horror, fairytale, retro, blackletter– The Great Big Book of Amazing Creative Lettering has a fun style to learn and accompanying project to practice!


Lettering artist inspiration for one and all

If someone in your home loves cartoons and comics, look no further than our Jay Roeder lettering projects. Having worked with the likes of Nike and Krispy Kreme, this U.S. lettering celebrity will have you channelling your favourite TV show or comic in no time.

But if you can’t go past olden-style fonts, you can now create gothic and vintage lettering with the help of MadebyMarzipan and Drew Melton. MadebyMarzipan has been a pro crafter for over a decade. And Drew? Well, drawing is his name and it’s also his (professional) game.

Or maybe you’ve noticed that chalk lettering is oh so 2016? A finalist in the B&T 30 Under 30 Awards, we’ve enlisted the talented Jess Matthews to lend some pizzazz to the chalk lettering projects in our binder.

Finally, learn your lettering essentials and then be guided in putting your newly minted lettering skills to the test, with the bespoke projects created by Singaporean letterer Mye de Leon.


A great gift for kids and adults of all creative persuasions, go ahead and get your hands on our new lettering binder, The Great Big Book of Amazing Creative Lettering. Pages and faces will light up!

Coming to good stores in May 2017.