The Power of Crystals and Crystal Grids

25 May 2018

At first glance, a crystal grid is just an arrangement of crystals in a geometric pattern. However, creating a grid is about combining the energies of different crystals in a specific way to supercharge them! You might want more love or joy in your life, a better relationship with money or a bit more peace less stress – whatever it is, a crystal grid can help harness some of the energy bursting through the universe.

You’ll see pictures of huge, elaborate grids with lots and lots of stones, often placed on a cloth or board that has a beautiful pattern based on sacred geometry – as in our picture above – and these are terrific. But don’t be daunted when you’re starting out  – you can also make a very effective grid with just a handful of crystals, too.

What do you need for a crystal grid?

To make a crystal grid, you only need three key things – an intention, a central or ‘master’ crystal, and some other stones. The intention is the most important thing! Before you do anything else, take some time out to think about what you want to achieve with your grid, and find words or pictures that resonate strongly with you. This will help you to focus the incredible energy of your own mind.

Once you have your intention, you need crystals! The ‘master’ stone goes at the centre of the grid; it’s usually a bigger stone, and often people use a large quartz point, since quartz is an amplifier. Choose the other stones for the grid to match your intention, and make sure you have a few of each type to really amp up their power. You can also choose a grid design or pattern to place underneath the crystals for extra meaning and oomph, but this isn’t strictly necessary.

Let’s have a look now at a simple grid that will help you kick the winter blues and maintain your wellbeing over cold, wintry months!

A health and wellbeing crystal grid

When those beautiful, warm autumn evenings seem like distant memory; when you’ve embraced the comfort food, doonas and open fires and you’re giving the side-eye to flu-ey friends and downing tonnes of vitamin C or oregano oil, why not try this simple ‘health and vitality’ grid to boost your wellbeing?

You will need:

  • A Seed of Life grid design, if you have access to one
  • A tiger’s eye for the master stone
  • Six pieces of amber
  • Twelve Herkimer diamonds (preferably six larger and six smaller ones)

A great intention for this grid can be an affirmation like this:

‘I receive the boundless energy of the universe for healing and strength.’

However, as we said before, choose an intention that really resonates with you.

Assembling your grid

To make your grid, first sit quietly and make sure your intention is clear and feels powerful. You may want to take a few deep breaths or do a short meditation to centre and calm yourself! Next, lay out your grid design on a stable surface like a small table, a shelf or windowsill, where the grid won’t be disturbed for the next week or so. The Seed of Life pattern symbolises regeneration – perfect for boosting the healing abilities of your body and mind.

Now place your master crystal, the tiger’s eye, and as you do, state your intention out loud. Tiger’s eye is a powerful stone for vitality, strength and balance.

Then, place the six pieces of amber in the pattern shown in the diagram above. Amber symbolises light and warmth, healing and vitality; as you place the pieces, you may wish to say an affirmation that calls out those qualities, such as: ‘I call forth interior warmth and light and embrace wellbeing.

Lastly, place the Herkimer diamonds as shown in the diagram, for purification of energy, removal of blocks and healing. A good affirmation to use while placing the diamonds is ‘I welcome pure light and energy into my being.’ But as always, you can use your own affirmation if you prefer – or say nothing at all and just let the power of the crystals do their thing!

Activate your grid

Once all your crystals are place, activate your grid. Pause again and centre yourself, then mindfully pass your hand over each crystal in the grid, beginning at the top of the outer rim and travelling inward in a clockwise spiral. As you do, visualise each crystal connecting to the ones around it with a band of light – creating a web of light. When you reach your master stone, state your intention again and visualise the master stone radiating the energy from the grid out into the universe, creating a connection with universal life energy.

And you’re done! Over the next week, pause by your grid as often as you can, and picture the energy radiating from it and flowing into you.


Our awesome crystal kit, The Power of Crystals and Crystals, suggests other powerful grids you can use, and provides tonnes more information on crystals and their different properties, the best places to place grids, and other elements you can add like flowers, pictures and symbols. You’ll also receive some beautiful grid designs and starter set of stones! We highly recommend checking it out.

Happy gridding!