This Women’s Day, Self Care Is The Way!

11 March 2022

Sometimes it feels like the days are on repeat, each sunset blending into sunrise – all of them a whirlwind of activity



But there’s always going to be another chore, another task, another deadline. This woman’s day set them aside. Shift the focus inwards and think about what you need, what you want. And then grab that thought by the hand and drag it into the now!

Whether it’s a night off with some snacks and a movie, or a decadent sleep-in to reset after a busy week, put in the effort to show yourself some appreciation for the hard work you’ve done, the glorious human you are. 



Like how you would organise a surprise for a loved one, buy yourself a spontaneous present. Occasional indulgence is a beautiful thing, and when you’re a busy human juggling so many roles, a little indulgence is worth it – even if it’s in retail form. 

It could be that thing you always glanced at through the store window but dismissed as being too ‘trivial’ or‘unnecessary’. But as you use it in the future, it will serve as a reminder of your self-worth. Get that new video game, that new bag, that new book that’s releasing on the weekend – whatever it is you’ve had your eye on. You deserve it, always have. 

But if you’d prefer to take the responsible retail route, Hinkler has a range of mindful products that are the perfect place to start. From mindful colouring titles for both kids and adults to gorgeous jigsaw puzzles with soothing artwork that’ll help you calm, we’ve got wonderful options to help you practise mindfulness and focus your energy on the things that matter. 

And if you’d like something a little more hands-on, Craft Maker’s new Candle Making and Handmade Soap kits are a great choice. These kits come with easy-to-follow instructions to help you make your own serene candles or soothing soap, a process that’ll help you reconnect with yourself while mastering a new skill and making something beautiful!

So, this March, focus within. Be kind to yourself and do something that will bring you joy!