Too Cute! Behind the scenes with author & crochet artist Rachael Fisher

31 July 2020


Hi! I’m Rachael Fisher, the creator of Too Cute Crochet.Working on this adorable kit really is a dream come true! I love designing crochet soft toys for my young son to enjoy, whether it’s ‘play food’ or sweet little creatures and animals that spring to life in his imagination. Making my friends and family unique crochet gifts saves a lot of money and feels much more personal than buying yet another plastic toyor gift I’m not quite sure about! The relatively simple skill of crochet really is the gift that keeps on giving! 



When I was a little girl, my grandmother had made a gorgeous ‘granny square’ blanket that I loved to snuggle under when I wasn’t feeling well or if I was just chilly and reading a book or watching TV on the sofa. Whatever I was doing, this charming little handmade blanket always made me feel so cozy and wrapped up in love! As a grown-up, I wanted to create my own granny square blanket, just like my grandmother’s.I followed some YouTube tutorials and read a few crochet step-by-step books to get me going and I haven’t looked back. I feel so happy and privileged to refine and pass on the valuable skills I learned inthe easy-to-use Too Cute Crochetbook and kit.



Every year, I love to surprise friends and family by gifting them a new Christmas ornament design, whether it’s a snowflake, pudding or tree with pom-poms. I started with about 10 ornaments, but now it’s blown out to around 45!It’s lovely to hang my craft decorations up each year, with each one holding a new special memory.



If I am ever stuck for ideas, there are so many places to look at for inspiration, from Pinterest to Instagram. However, it’s my little boy that reallycomes up with the best ideas! He loves to suggest new crochet makes:‘Mummy I really need something extra for my play kitchen, I haven’t got any sweet treats to sell!’ he’ll say. So, off I go and make him a batch of crochet doughnuts.


You’ll soon find your own crochet traditionsand areas of interest. You’ll absolutely love this new hobby!


You can find out a bit more about me and my crafty makes on my blog and these socials…


Happy crafting!