Treat Yourself with Healthy Sweets

29 March 2018

For many people around the world, this week is going to be a time of celebration – a chocolate and candy-filled celebration. While everyone should allow themselves to enjoy the (literally) sweet life now and again, there are also alternative ways to enjoy healthier, but still delicious, treats this season. The adorable and delectable options below can add some festivity to your healthy treats and will really wow friends and family, not to mention avoid that dreaded sugar crash in your little ones!

Let your Inner Food Artist Shine

A simple, funway that you can celebrate holidays or occasions is to make food dishes with designs around those themes. You can be clever and use healthy and naturally sweetened foods like fruit to do this; just make sure the tastes complement each other. Fruit salads are always a bright and vibrant option and can be cut and arranged into whatever shapes you like.

This is a pancake, but covered in fruit it makes the healthiest easter egg out there!

More of a savoury person? No problem, simple staples like bread and crackers can be transformed into adorable and tasty nibbles that will really become the centrepiece of an occasion.

Even salad can be magically transformed; upturning the Simpsons maxim that ‘You don’t make friends with salad.’ You can literally make some salad friends (before eating them).

Cooking Healthy Sweet Treats

Alternatively, you can make a range of delicious healthy sweet treats that use sugar-alternatives and limit their carbohydrates, fats and avoid saturated fats. Carrot bliss balls are popular choices as well as yoghurt fruit bark.

Below are some delicious processed-sugar free and healthy recipes that will make you both popular and responsible these holidays.

Coconut Slice

You can share these delicious and gorgeous-looking slices, or gobble them all up, yourself!

Carrot Cake

What better cake to make during this holiday period than carrot cake?

We hope that this gets your mouth watering and your brain ticking to come up with your own favourite treats to create and indulge in. From everyone here at Hinkler Books have a wonderful and delicious holiday!