What's the point of Point Journalling?

29 January 2018

It’s a new year, and a fresh start – we love this time of year for making changes and trying out new things! One of our very favourite new things at the moment, which we’d love to share with you, is point journalling.

You may have noticed the point-journal trend already: social media is awash with inspiring images! Basically, a point journal is a diary or journal that you create yourself, in a blank notebook. The notebooks we have are made specifically for point journalling, with numbered, dotted-grid pages, but you can also use any blank notebook you like.

The brilliant thing about a point journal is that, unlike a pre-printed diary or calendar, it’s totally customisable. No more awkwardly half-filled birthday lists or woefully inadequate number of notes pages, as often happens with an off-the-shelf diary! You can make your journal exactly what you want it to be.

The magic of point journalling – what brings it together and makes it work so well – is its simple 4-point system:

  1. A table of contents. This allows you to find everything in your custom journal quickly and easily. Set aside a few pages at the start of the notebook for the table of contents, and just note page names and numbers there as you add them.
  2. Planner pages and calendar pages. These are the heart of your journal. We recommend you include a year planner, monthly planner spreads (created as each new month begins) and, of course, daily calendar pages where you can record your plans, to-dos, memories and inspiration. Take a look at these examples.

  1. The symbols. Symbols supercharge your journal – jot them next to each note and you’ll be able to understand any page at a glance! Here’s our suggested list of symbols, as a starting point.

  1. Everything else. This is where your point journal can take wings! Add any and all pages you need or want. Popular choices include habit-trackers to help you get healthier in 2018, pages setting out your goals (with achievable milestones along the way), and lists of books to read and movies to watch.

You can make your point journal as colourful and decorative or as plain and minimal as you like – have fun with it! A quick online search will provide a wealth of further inspiration and ideas to try, to make your point journal work perfectly for you. It’s a terrific new way you can give yourself the gift of a more organised, more creative and happier 2018!