Introducing the Wonderful Women behind We Are Girls!

21 November 2018
This week we spoke to some of the incredible women who worked with us to create this wonderful book.

Meet the Incredible Real-Life Women who inspired the Girls!

16 November 2018
Writer Debra Thomas shares her favourites among the incredible women who were the inspiration for We Are Girls.

Meet the girls of We Are Girls!

12 November 2018
Meet the six very special girls featured in our amazing, inspirational picture story book, We Are Girls! Whether the girls in your life love the adventurer, leader, athlete, architect, songwriter or fashion stylist best, you’ll cheer them all on as they pursue their dreams. The perfect gift!

Introducing We Are Girls!

02 November 2018
Every girl has a story to tell. Find your voice and share yours with Hinkler’s exciting new picture storybook.

Building Emotional and Social Intelligence in Kids

03 September 2018
Strong emotional and social intelligence skills are essential to help kids navigate their way through friendships, school, relationships and life in general. But how can parents help kids develop these skills? We explore what these skills are and give you some handy tips!

Crazy About Kawaii!

23 August 2018
Kawaii, the culture of cute, is taking over the world – and we couldn’t be happier! But what is it exactly? Join us as we take a look at its origins, styles and the many amazing uses of this adorable art-style.

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