Crazy About Kawaii!

23 August 2018
Kawaii, the culture of cute, is taking over the world – and we couldn’t be happier! But what is it exactly? Join us as we take a look at its origins, styles and the many amazing uses of this adorable art-style.

An Inside Look at our new Treasured Classic Story Collection!

08 June 2018
There’s a reason that some stories become classics – discover why with our just-released collection of beloved children’s stories. These are adapted and illustrated so enchantingly and you behind the scenes to see how ideas become character sketches and then beautiful coloured illustrations.

The Power of Crystals and Crystal Grids

25 May 2018
If you love crystals, you’ve probably seen some of the amazing pics of crystal grids that are all over Pinterest and Instagram. They’re seriously beautiful! But what is a crystal grid, and what are they for? How can they be used to channel positive energy into your life?

The new rainy day activity that's taking the world by storm

14 December 2016
From classic ornate As and Bs to modern street-art style Ys and Zs - welcome to the wonderful, whimsical world of lettering! With fun contemporary takes on traditional calligraphy and fun modern styles, kids are grabbing their markers and revolutionising school projects and binders forever!

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