When parents become teachers: tips to support your child’s learning

25 January 2021

Parents play many different roles in their child’s life: caregiver, role model, confidante, teacher. But in 2020, parents had to embrace the role of teacher like never before.


The coronavirus pandemic forced many of us to curb our normal lifestyle in unprecedented ways. Schools around the world were temporarily closed to minimise the health risk to the community. Homes became the new classrooms and caregivers became the new teachers. 


This was a big disruption for all involved. Children had to adapt to a much more screen-based and more independent learning style, while parents (like it or not!) developed a new awareness of their child’s education. 



While some of us have been lucky enough to return to normal schooling, it’s safe to say there is a newfound appreciation for school teachers – at all levels!


We hope to leave the education to the experts this year, but if you do find yourself back in the teacher role, then here are a few handy hints to support your child’s learning.


  • Try to link learning with something your child likes. For example, when practising counting, if they like dinosaurs then count the dinosaur toys they have.


  • Offer your child some simple choices as you do activities together, so they can have a sense of control over their learning.


  • Be enthusiastic about learning as you explore different topics. It’s bound to rub off on them!


  • Find what your child is good at, whether it’s learning new words or being open to trying new things, and build a sense of pride in their successes.



These handy hints come from our Junior Explorers® range of educational titles. Specifically designed to tap into your child’s natural curiosity, this series of educational resources features a range of formats including flash cards, activity books, sticker charts and wipe & write books. 


Junior Explorers® covers core learning areas of literacy and numeracy plus broader learning areas of life skills and emotional intelligence. No matter whether you try the Times Table Pull-the-Tab Flash Cards or the Feelings Slide & Learn Flash Cards, they are the perfect tools to help your child become school-ready and life-ready!


From all of us here at Hinkler, we wish everyone going back to school this year a happy and successful 2021 filled with lots of new learning adventures.