Zap Boredom these School Holidays!

28 September 2017

It’s school holiday time here in Australia! While this is a time to celebrate for kids, it can be a challenge to meet both meet your regular commitments as well as to keeping children entertained during the holidays without sitting them down in front of a screen for hours on end. Though they love being out of school, the holidays can also be pretty mind-numbing if you don’t plan ahead.

One way to keep the hands and minds of both the young and young-at-heart busy for the school holidays, is with one of our brand new Zap! Extra activity kits. Which one will your kids want to try first?


Zap! Extra Balloon Animals

Impress your friends and family at your next family gathering, friend’s birthday or holiday party by learning how to twist balloons into adorable animals with Zap! Extra Balloon Animals. From making classic balloon animals, like a dog or a swan, to mastering tricky twisting techniques to create more intricate designs like a horse, an octopus or a crocodile, this kit has everything you need to master it all.


Zap! Extra Make Your Own Dream Catcher

Why not try the unique and traditional handcraft of weaving your very own dream catcher to hang above your bed and keep bad dreams at bay? From creating attractive woven dream-catchers to making intricate wall art and a spectacular necklace, you’ll find everything you need in Zap Extra! Make Your Own Dream Catcher to make them all and develop a fun, new, creative skill.

Zap! Extra Neon Lettering

Learn how to create incredible signs, posters, cards, gifts and more with sensational neon colours with Zap! Extra Neon Lettering. Whether designing something small like a birthday card or something large like a garage-sale sign, you’ll master a range of lettering styles and learn how to decorate and embellish your lettering projects to really make them pop!

Zap! Extra String Art

Through the Zap! Extra String Art kit you will learn how to create your own unique string-art designs for family, friends and decorating your bedroom! From creating wonderful wall art, to making stylish string-art earrings, to taking it to the next level with incredible three-dimensional projects, you’ll have a lot of fun learning this crafty new skill.

Zap! Extra Waxstickles

Zap! Extra Waxstickles is a fun craft activity for children with a variety of creative interests. Amaze everyone with your wax-stick wonders! From learning to make fun pictures, to creating awesome animal sculptures, jewellery, toys and more, you are only limited by your imagination. Just follow the step-by-step instructions and you'll be coiling, twisting, sticking, folding and wrapping incredible Waxstickle artworks in no time!;


With a 48-page, full-colour, book with step-by-step  instructions, plus all of the equipment you need in each kit to create some amazing projects, our new Zap! Extra kits make for a fun holiday activity for the whole family. The only arguments will be which one you dive into first!