Bonney Press Aussie Alphabet (hardback)

by Emily Murray
ISBN 9781488916410
Product Type Hardcover
Product Size 225 x 265 x 9mm
Publication Date 1 Nov 20

Learning the letters of the alphabet has never been more fun than with Aussie Alphabet: Tongue Twist Your Way from A to Z! Inside this 32-page book there are bright, beautiful illustrations filled with iconic Australian locations (like the MCG and Uluru), enduring traditions (like backyard cricket on Christmas Day) and Aussie animals galore!

Read along as Pearl the Platypus makes a pineapple-topped pavlova, skydive into Sydney Harbour with Shazza the sheepdog and sit with Fitzroy the frilled-neck lizard as he watches the footy final! Oh, and keep an eye out for Crikey the croc! He's hiding in every image...