Children (6-12)

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Ages 6 to 12 can be a rollercoaster! Kids are beginning to become a bit more independent and start figuring out who they are. They move from learning to read to reading novels, and from learning their numbers and basic arithmetic to multiplying and dividing. They start exploring social relationships and figuring out how the world works. Give your child some extra support to navigate these exciting but sometimes challenging years with Hinkler’s 6-12 range of kids books!

Join Harriet Clare on some wild adventures, and help her figure out what to do when things go wrong with the bestselling Harriet Clare series! Learn about the world around you, the animals that live there, and what lies beyond in outer space with the My Illustrated Library collection! Whether you want to discover amazing things or lose yourself in the world of fiction, Hinkler’s 6-12 range of children’s books has something for you!

Help your child through the school years with School Zone – Australia’s leader in home-learning books for children. This extensive, educator-designed, developmentally appropriate series includes workbooks, flash cards, first readers, preparation for NAPLAN and more, all presented in such a fun and entertaining way that kids won’t even realise they’re learning!

Help your child navigate the early school years and all the excitement that comes with them with Hinkler’s 6-12 range of books for kids!