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Fascinate, Captivate and Motivate

After your little ones have taken their first steps into the world of books and learning, why not give them that extra boost with the fun and wonderful educational series of Flying Start!

This series has been created to support and expand upon a child’s early education in a fun and engaging way. Aimed at children in their first years of primary school, this series holds their hand through this crucial developmental stage. It covers essential skills such as learning to write and understanding sight-words and concepts. It also provides an early introduction to foundational topics such as maths, geography, science and much more. These edutainment titles will launch kids into a lifelong educational journey, in a fun and accessible way.

School is often not considered cool. But these books are sneaky. Disguised as simply exciting, engaging and interactive books to play with, this education-in-entertainment’s clothing will help boost your child’s brainpower and scholastic skills.

For instance, learning the times table has never been easier and more fun than with the Sing and Learn Times Tables Write and Wipe Activity Book. Kids will love singing the catchy times-tables songs with beloved Play School entertainer Don Spencer, and completing the activities in this highly interactive workbook. With the convenient audio CD, fold-out times-table poster, and write-and-wipe- pen and pages all included, kids will enjoy filling in their times-tables charts and the colourful quizzes again and again. The bonus reward stickers and completion certificate will also help kids to keep feeling motivated and proud of their achievements. With visual and audio stimulus, revision activities and positive reinforcement, this is the ultimate mnemonic kit and emblematic of the entire Flying Start range.

A whole new world

Kids will love learning about the world around them with the broad reference texts of My Incredible Sticker Atlas and the Picture Dictionary. Both contain text that is designed to be engaging and accessible to young and curious minds, as well as pictures that are colourful, fun and designed to appeal to their age group. The sticker atlas also wows children with two fold-out wall charts and more than 1000 stickers to place in interactive activities. In this age group of great mental expansion, these titles are the perfect reference for every curious child.

Mentally Active

Even our activity books are geared towards keeping those mental cogs working, with a heavy emphasis on early education. Enhance children’s vocabulary, picture-word association and mathematical abilities with the Brain Teaser activity pads, all of which also sharpen kids’ observation, concentration and analysis skills. The mixed puzzles range from word searches, to number-pattern puzzles, to mazes, all of which are challenging whilst still being accessible, colourful and fun. Children will also love the cute cartoony illustrations and designs throughout these activity pads.

We all know how much kids are sticker-fiends, and so that’s why we’ve also created our 1001 Stickers range of activity kits. The 1001 Stickers activity books are a fun and exciting way for children to practise key skills, including reading, spelling, numeracy and spatial reasoning. The books begin with simple activities and increase in difficulty as they work their way through them, so children learn at a gradual pace. Children will enjoy completing the more than 100 activities in this series of interactive learning book. For further motivation and positive reinforcement, they can also reward themselves by playing with the hundreds of bonus stickers when they’re done.

Do your child a favour by educating and entertaining them with the Flying Start range!