Harriet Clare

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Welcome to the crazy, fun-filled world of Harriet Clare’s Secret Notebooks!

Become Harriet’s newest bestie, help to solve all her problems and complete her notebooks along the way. A visual feast of fun, the Harriet Clare books draw in even the most reluctant of readers with charming drawings, colourful illustrated text and fun sketching activities in each book. As she faces life’s challenges, Harriet encourages problem-solving, self-awareness and empathy in the reader by asking, `What would you do?’. The Harriet Clare book series helps children to better understand anxiety while immersing themselves in the wonderful, everyday adventures of a normal little girl.

Kids love Harriet!

‘Harriet Clare is an amazing book. It makes you want to turn the page and see what happens next... I loved the book, I can't wait for the next one!’ - Maya, age 8

Each day Harriet writes in her secret journal, updating the reader on the events in her life and exploring her feelings, excitement, anxieties and emotions surrounding them. As she writes, the reader helps Harriet solve her mega-huge and awesomely nutty problems, as well as get to know her best friends Indie, Ella and Ruby, her sometimes-annoying brother EClare, and her gorgeous pet pug dog Puglet. Harriet deals with relatable experiences such as arguments and misunderstandings between friends, keeping secrets, going away from home and performing in a concert.

Written in a hugely fun, accessible writing style by bestselling author Louise Park, Harriet Clare is set apart from other books on the market by its interactivity with the reader. Harriet asks children to participate in writing her diary and requests that the reader colour, draw and write in the book. Each page features colourful artwork by Marlene Monterrubio, crazy doodles and emoticons, and cool illustrated lettering, making every turn of the page a new and exciting experience!

Young readers are easily able to relate to Harriet’s world of school, friends, family, pets and everyday activities, along with the joys and troubles that go along with them. As Harriet faces each anxiety and negotiates each challenge, the reader travels along with her, learning how to better deal with some of the issues they may face in their own lives.

And of course, the reader gets to celebrate Harriet’s successes and triumphs along the way! Entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny but also thoughtful, instructive and sensitive, young readers looking for great books to read will embrace Harriet Clare and her world as told through her secret notebooks.