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Highlights has been entertaining and educating children for over 70 years, and parents and teachers around the world love and trust these activity products for children.

Highlights helps foster fun and joy, and encourages children to use their natural creativity, curiosity, analytical abilities and imagination.

Having delighted children in more than 40 countries and distributed over one billion magazines, Highlights is firmly established as a producer of impeccable-quality products that help children to learn, to engage their critical thinking skills, and have a load of fun while they do it!

Your child won’t even realise they’re learning with Highlights’ My First Hidden Pictures series as they work their way through the vibrant, full-colour illustrations that introduce young children to the puzzle-solving fun of finding cleverly hidden objects.  These puzzles motivate kids in a fun way while they strengthen their visual distinction skills, learn perseverance and reinforce vocabulary.

Highlights’ Amazing Mazes collection is filled to the brim with a wide variety of different maze puzzles that have been proven to help develop problem solving skills, fine motor skills, and concentration skills in a format that will keep your child – and you – entertained for hours. There are mazes for beginners as well as mazes to challenge older and more experienced children, and even for adults who consider themselves experts.

Get your brain ready to unravel and solve these fun, educational puzzles!