Let’s face it. Even in this age of technology playing a part in almost every aspect of daily life, there is little quite as satisfying as pressing your fingers into brightly coloured, infinitely malleable Play-Doh. And that’s the point isn’t it – it can become anything you want it to be! A dinosaur, a pony, a building or a pirate. What worlds will your little ones create?

More than that though, Play-Doh sets provided proven developmental benefits for your child. The malleable property of Play-Doh builds up hand strength and builds fine-motor skills in children. The type of play that Play-Doh enables also naturally lends itself to sorting, pattern-recognition, developmental understanding of size, shape and colour, and it encourages creativity too.

In more focused play, Play-Doh sets can be used as a fantastic way to practise letter and number work. Children can form letters of the alphabet, spell out their own name, make numbers, form 2D and 3D shapes, compare lengths/ thicknesses/ weights, count out rolled balls to match numeral cards, match and sort by colour and SO many more ideas too!