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Finding a new hobby has never been so much fun! Whether you want to expand your mind with some fantastic facts or get your hands dirty with some art and craft, there’s a Zap! book for you!

Everything you ever wanted to know about anything that ever caught your eye is in one of Hinkler’s Zap! books for kids. Discover amazing science experiments, explore the world of the dinosaurs, try out some awesome activities with your BFF and learn how to draw like a pro with the Zap! series. Each book is packed full of knowledge and step-by-step instructions to follow, so you can master whatever you like in no time at all!

If you’re ready for something a little more hands-on, discover a whole new world of fantastic things to make and create with Zap! Extra. Fly the perfect paper plane, make yourself a brilliant loom bracelet, or dazzle your friends and family with hair chalk. Paint eye-popping neon rocks, decorate your space with origami and fun tape, or surprise your BFF with a friendship bracelet. Discover the art of stamping, create cool clay charms, or make your nails look fab. Learn how to braid like a pro, create your own pom-pom pets, or dazzle your friends with kinetic sand. These cool kits feature step-by-step instructions and all the tools you’ll need to get started right away!

Or discover the amazing world of science with Zap! Labz science kits! Have you ever wondered what makes objects move the way they do? Learn all about force and friction, energy and gravity, motion and magnetism and much more, then apply your new knowledge to some super-cool mechanical projects. Build a castle drawbridge to learn about pulleys, use levers to make a mechanical arm and see a motor in action as you construct two awesome robots. Have you ever wondered how electricity works? Learn all about current and conductors, fuses and circuits, amps and ohms and much more, then apply your new knowledge to some super-cool electronic projects. Follow simple circuit diagrams and step-by-step instructions to build a skill tester game, a sound-activated nightlight and a Morse code transmitter.

A brand new hobby is just a turn-of-the-page away!