Brian the Smelly Bear and the Very Smelly Babies

by Mark Chambers
ISBN 9781488908170
Product Type Hardback, 32 pages
Product Size 252 x 286 mm
Publication Date 1 Dec 17

Brian and Bryony are two happy bears, living life to the full, without any cares…...Then one day, Brian gets a surprise – he wakes up to see three little bears looking at him! Overjoyed at the cubs’ arrival, Brian and Bryony’s friends throw them a party to celebrate their new babies. Everything is going wonderfully, until one of the little bears lets off a horrible smell!

Can Brian and Bryony teach their little troublemakers to love being fresh and clean like they do? Enjoy reading this delightful tale about one of your favourite no-longer-smelly bears, Brian! With beautiful illustrations and a delightful and funny story, this is sure to become one of your new favourite family stories!