Complete Sushi Kit (2020 ed)

by Hinkler Books
ISBN 9781488919831
Product Type Kit
Product Size 260 x 260 x 118mm
Publication Date 1 Aug 20

Join Steven Pallett, sushi chef, as he guides readers step-by-step through the art of sushi preparation. Steven clearly explains the origins of sushi and demonstrates how to make it, as well as how to eat it! Sushi is a delicious, nutritious, and vibrant Japanese dish that, with the right tools and know-how, can be made easily at home. 

This kit contains a 64-page Simply Sushi book, 65-minute instructional DVD, sushi streaming access online, and a starter kit of of a sushi rolling mat, serving boards, a dipping bowl, chopsticks, and chopstick rests.• 140-page journal

• 64-page recipe book
• 65-minute DVD
• QR Code activation card
• sushi rolling mat
• serving boards 
• dipping bowl
• chopsticks
• chopstick rests