Complete Sushi Book, DVD & Serving Kit

ISBN 9781488938399
Product Type Kit
Product Size 268 x 266mm
Publication Date 1 Oct 18

Sushi is a delicious, nutritious, and vibrant Japanese dish that you can make easily in your own home. Join Steven Pallett, sushi chef, as he guides you step-by-step through the art of sushi preparation. Steven clearly explains the origins of sushi and demonstrates how to make it, as well as how to eat it. 

This kit contains: 
Simply Sushi Book: Featuring 64 full-color pages accompanied by step-by-step instructions, Steven Pallett’s Simply Sushi introduces you to the origins of sushi, the tools and materials you will need, and the different types of sushi. All recipes include beautiful full-color instructional photographs. 

Simply Sushi DVD: This 65-minute DVD with sushi chef Steven Pallett is a hands-on, step-by-step demonstration of sushi preparation techniques. Let Steven share his knowledge of making sushi, from tops on buying fish to making the perfect sushi rice. 

Simply Sushi Streaming Access: You can also stream the Simply Sushi DVD content through a video-activation code found on the back cover of the Simply Sushi book. 

Complete Sushi preparation and serving kit: Consisting of a sushi rolling mat, serving boards, a dipping bowl, chopsticks, and chopsticks rests, this set is all you’ll need to prepare, serve, and eat perfect sushi.
You will have all you need to prepare food that is a delight to the eyes, as well as to the taste-buds.